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Convention Circuit: ZSC Entertainment Announcement

Team PLZ is excited to share some exciting news this week... ZSC entertainment has officially announced representation of Peter Luis Zimmerman for the 2018 convention circuit!

ZSC Entertainment is known for bringing celebrities and events together, so all #teameduardo fans stay tuned for upcoming event announcements by following both Peter and ZSC on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (linked below). Peter is excited to have this partnership for the opportunity to meet and become even closer to his fans. #TWDFAMILY #TeamEduardo should know that Team PLZ loves YOU and cannot wait to see more of you in 2018!

If you have an upcoming convention you'd like to have Peter as a featured guest at please contact ZSC Entertainment by clicking here. For all press/media and cross promotional inquires please contact by clicking here.

Many thanks for your support and cheers to 2018!

-- PLZ Management Team

Peter Luis Zimmerman Social Links:

Twitter: @iampeterz

Instagram: @iampeterz

Facebook: @ImPeterZimmerman

ZSC Entertainment Social Links:

Twitter: @ZSCEntertain

Instagram: @zscentertainment

Facebook: @ZSCEntertainment

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